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Monday Inspirations: “Some Days”

Today’s Monday Inspirations post is a wonderful example of the gems that can be found while aimlessly surfing YouTube — Broadway star Audra McDonald performing the song, “Some Days.”

Audra McDonald is one of my personal heroes. She studied classical voice the Julliard School and has gone on to have an incredibly full career. She’s won four Tony awards for her work on Broadway, making her one of three actresses to do so. She’s also performed countless concerts across the country and appeared on television, most recently as Naomi Bennett on ABC’s Private Practice.

What makes this song special is that the lyrics are taken from a poem by James Baldwin, the African-American poet, novelist, and social critic who is remembered for his frank discussions of race, class, sexuality, and oppression during a period when such topics were considered taboo. The poem is incredibly moving, and made all the more beautiful by Audra McDonald’s magnificent voice.


Some days worry
some days glad
some days
more than make you
Some days,
some days, more than
when you see what’s coming
on down the line!


Some days you say,
oh, not me never ⎯ !
Some days you say
bless God forever.
Some days, you say,
curse God, and die
and the day comes when you wrestle
with that lie.
Some days tussle
then some days groan
and some days
don’t even leave a bone.
Some days you hassle
all alone.


I don’t know, sister,
what I’m saying,
nor do no man,
if he don’t be praying.
I know that love is the only answer
and the tight-rope lover
the only dancer.
When the lover come off the rope
the net which holds him
is how we pray,
and not to God’s unknown,
but to each other ⎯ :
the falling mortal is our brother!


Some days leave
some days grieve
some days you almost don’t believe.
Some days believe you
and you won’t.
Some days worry
some days mad
some days more than make you glad.
Some days, some days,
more than shine,
coming on down the line!


  1. I don’t think I’d heard of her before, but she has a fantastic voice.
    Sarah Pearson recently posted..Musical Stories 21: SciFiMy Profile

  2. Lovely song and voice. You should check out the link on ViveleNerd…he had the silent monks doing Handel’s Messiah….too funny!
    Have a great day,Lena.
    Nadja Notariani recently posted..12 Days of Christmas Reading ~ Day 3My Profile

  3. Wowzers! I had never heard her sing before and am just blown away. What a beautiful piece and stunning voice. Very inspiring. Thanks Lena – loved it!
    Natalie recently posted..Doing what you love & living your passionMy Profile

    • She definitely has an amazingly powerful voice, doesn’t she? And she does musical theater, classical, and pop equally as well. So glad you enjoyed it, Natalie!

  4. Beautiful and inspiring–thanks for sharing Lena!
    Coleen Patrick recently posted..The Art of Keeping Up with YesterdayMy Profile

  5. Gorgeous, Lena. The music and Audra McDonald’s voice really match the words… Love when that’s the case. 🙂 Thanks for the dose of inspiration!
    August McLaughlin recently posted..Naughty & Nice Part IIMy Profile

  6. What a lovely voice. I’ve never heard of her before, but want to hear more. Thanks for posting this, Lena. It’s a nice little treat at the end of a nutsy day.
    Tameri Etherton recently posted..Super easy and delicious holiday treat!My Profile

    • Oh, I’m so glad it was a nice way to end the day. 🙂 There are quite a few of Audra’s performances on youtube, including lots of showtunes and whatnot, so I definitely encourage you to check them out.

  7. Beautiful. I’m a Broadway girl, so I’m familiar with Audra’s work. She is amazing, and that poem is beautiful. Her voice and the words are perfect together. Thanks for sharing!

    • Yay, another Broadway girl! I am utterly in awe of Audra McDonald — her career has been amazing, and she is so incredibly talented.

      Thanks for swinging by, Amber!

  8. Oh I thought that Audra looked familiar! Wow, what a performer! Thank you Lena for sharing this. I loved it! You have amazing taste! 🙂
    Karen McFarland recently posted..Splendour in the GrassMy Profile

  9. Beautiful Lena! Love your taste in music. Stumbled!
    Debra Kristi recently posted..Immortal Monday ღ Angle vs. Spike: The Immortal Men of BuffyMy Profile

  10. What a beautiful voice. I hadn’t heard of her before but now I want more. Beautiful Lena, thanks for sharing.
    Louise Behiel recently posted..You Aren’t Imagining It: Life is Speeding UpMy Profile

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