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Babies and Puppies, Oh My!

There’s really not much I can say about this video, except that I now want ALL the babies and ALL the puppies in the world.

Improbable, perhaps, but there is so much darn cute bound up in this 41 second clip that I don’t know how else to react. Watch it, my friends, but be prepared for massive squealing.

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A Heart Attack of Cute: Bath Time with Baby Sloths

Last week, I think we more or less came to the agreement that baby sloths are among the most adorable creatures in the animal kingdom. However, my sleepy sloth-in-a-box is nothing compared to this clip from Animal Planet, showing the orphaned of baby sloths of Costa Rica’s Sloth Sanctuary having a bath.

Yes, that’s right: teeny, tiny, squeaky little sloths in the midst of bath time, and curling up to nom on a few hibiscus flowers afterwards (did you know that hibiscus flowers are “like sloth chocolate”? No? Now you do).

The only question that remains is whether or not I can find a way to jet off to Costa Rica to volunteer at the Sloth Sanctuary. I somehow feel like my life won’t be complete till I can cradle a baby sloth in my hands. *melts a little inside*

As always, I am deeply indebted to Jezebel for rounding up some of the best animal videos that can be found on youtube. If you’re ever in need of a dose of cute, be sure to visit their #squee stream.

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Monday Inspirations: Sloth in a Box

There has been an unfortunate dearth of fuzzy creatures at Flights of Fancy of late, but I aim to change that. It’s Monday, and if anyone is feeling as blah, crabby, and stressed as I am (or heartsore from yesterday’s football losses — my poor 49ers!), you need a bit of a pick-me-up.

That’s where the precious sloth-in-a-box comes in: 1 minutes and 17 seconds of unbelievable cuteness. How can your heart not melt like butter at the sight of its round, blinking eyes or its smiling eyes? The adult sloth pictured below is adorable, but there’s something about the baby that is even harder to ignore.

Sloth in the Amazon

How can anyone say no to a face like that? Image by Praziquantel via Flickr

On this rainy Monday morning, I feel a bit of kinship with the little creature, beset with a case of the sleepies as it tries to crawl out of its little box. There are so many things to accomplish on my to-do list… but — yawn — my bed is looking mighty inviting…

Happy Monday, all!

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Monday Inspirations: Don’t Steal Corn From a Porcupine

Today’s Monday Inspirations is more on the unrepentantly silly side. It’s my first day back to school after the holiday weekend, I’m still a little drowsy from all the tryptophan and my ridiculously long drive yesterday. I needed a little laugh out loud funny to start my morning off right, and oh boy, I found it over on Jezebel.

Folks, porcupines make ridiculously adorable Disney creature noises. And they eat corn. And woe betide the person who tries to steal their corn, because they will grab at it with their tiny little fingers, and emit high-pitched noises of fury and protest.

I am sure they will also attack with prickly quills, but I don’t care. I now need one in my life, and I will endure the threat of prickles with absolute delight.

So let the cutesy woodland creature inspire your day as you struggle through the post-turkey-and-football coma! I am, er, off to find a porcupine to steal borrow befriend.

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