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ROW80: It’s Time to Get a PhD

Hey friends! It’s been ages since I’ve participated in a Round of Words in 80 Days, but here I am, in the final push to finish my dissertation and get a PhD, a massive goal that’s been almost 7 years in the making. I’m in major need of accountability, so here I am, ROWers, joining in for the remainder of Round 2.

I’m going to try and keep check-ins simple, so I am more likely to actually do them, so I figure I’ll share 3 things I loved from the week, and the progress I’m making towards my goals.

3 Things I Loved This Week.

1. This song is a little dated (which shows you all how often I pay attention to the radio these days), but my Hot Hula instructor used it for one of our routines, and I’m a little obsessed.

2. I saw THE BOOK OF MORMON a couple of weeks back, and holy heck, I haven’t laughed that hard in a really, really long time. The musical was co-written by Trey Parker and Matt Stone (of South Park fame), and can be a little offensive during certain parts, although I thought the satire was really, really well done. The best part about the whole experience? Getting to take my cocktail into the theatre with these awesome reusable sippy cups!


3. Now that I’m earning a paycheck that let’s me do a little more than just pay the bills, my boyfriend and I have been trying to do a handful of cool events that we’ve always wanted to attend. This past week, we went to the Conservatory of Flowers‘ Annual Gala, and wow! Talk about an awesome, super fun event, complete with open bar, gourmet food stations, and live music. The Conservatory of Flowers is extra-special for us, because we went there when we first started dating (it’s where he first held my hand!). So yay for being able to get dressed up and do something awesomely fun during the middle of the week!


All dolled up, and feeling a little like Cinderella.

The Goal.

My goal is simple: I need to finish my dissertation, tentatively titled Sisterhood on the Frontier: Catholic Women Religious in San Francisco, 1850-1925 (yes, it is a sociological study of historical nuns!). To do that, my plan is to write 1 chapter every 2 weeks, through mid-July. Then I have maybe 1 month to revise and overhaul the entire thing, so I can defend and file with the Powers That Be by September 8th. I’m trying to write for at least 45 minutes, 5 days a week.

Progress So Far:

I’m just about finished with chapter 4 of 10, which will hopefully be wrapped up by Sunday night and sent off to my advisor, along with my end-of-year progress report (ugh). Once that’s done, I can embark on Chapter 5 (whoo!).


That’s about all from me! I’m looking forward to brunching with my boyfriend’s family to celebrate Mother’s Day, and then hanging out with my family Sunday evening. Don’t forget to swing by and wave a friendly (and encouraging!) hello to the other ROWers checking in this week.



  1. YAY!! And welcome back! I’ve missed my fellow “one foot in dissertation, one foot in fiction” RoWer.

    I’ll be writing footnotes and commentary this Round. I know how to have fun!
    Elizabeth Anne Mitchell recently posted..Another Good WeekMy Profile

  2. I’ve missed you so much! And, today, I needed your smiling face – and my daughter, who just today saw a photo of Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O’Hara, and rhapsodized about her dress, will ADORE Cinderella you!

    My Accomplice first took my hand in Sedona, AZ, to help me up some of the rock formations. We never kissed that day, or held hands in a traditional sense, but it was the day I knew I was in love with him. Almost 18 years later, I still am, and our daughter’s middle name is Sedona.

    Seems like you’ve got a well-considered and well-timed plan!
    Shan Jeniah Burton recently posted..No Golden Ring: May 10, 2015My Profile

    • Squee, I have missed you too! Scarlett O’Hara was one of my fashion inspirations as a child, so I totally understand your daughter. I don’t get to dress up too often, but whenever I do I feel like I have 5 years old again, playing dress up. 😀

      I love the story of this first hand-holding. What a lovely way to commemorate the memory!

      Have a wonderful week, Shan!

  3. Glad to see you back! And good luck with your plan.
    Fallon recently posted..Sunday Summary: Caught UpMy Profile

  4. Welcome back to ROW80! A dissertation is a huge undertaking, so I wish you the best of luck and look forward to hearing about your progress. Have a wonderful week!
    Denise D. Young recently posted..Sunday ROW80 check-in: Savoring springMy Profile

    • Thanks so much for the warm welcome back, Denise! I’m looking forward to settling in and *finally* making it to the end of this marathon. 😀

      Hope you enjoy the week!

  5. I loved the song, but the video is even better… (I have two friends who perform at bars and restaurants who often sing Shut Up and Dance. I can SO see Joely and Tom as the two in the video.)

    I remember seeing some of your early research on this dissertation… So glad to see you’re getting closer to being done, Lena.
    Eden Mabee recently posted..Not Sure WhatMy Profile

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