the darkening cover (83)I’m excited to host the fabulous and uber-talented Myndi Shafer. She’s the author of the fresh-off-the-presses YA fantasy novel, THE DARKENING, the second book in The Shrilugh Saga. If you haven’t read book one, SHRILUGH, then get thee to Amazon or Smashwords. Trust me: you won’t be disappointed.

Today Myndi is going to walk us through the cast of THE DARKENING, as seen through the eyes of her wonderful readers.

Take it away, Myndi!


Something most writers find themselves daydreaming about at one point in their career or another is who, should Hollywood come calling, they would cast as actors in the movie-version of their book (which, in the daydream is always a smashing triumph that leaves Stephanie Meyer’s success looking rather pale in comparison).

Here’s the deal, though. I’m wired weird. I’ve never been able to picture my characters as actors or vice versa…at least, not until someone else has pointed them out to me.

Enter my fabulous readers and a couple Pinterest boards. Shrilugh – As You See It and The Darkening – As You See It are boards that my readers contribute to – and boy do they contribute! It is strictly because of them that I have any sort of Hollywood vision for these books…

and it’s so much fun!

Okay, so lookit:


Aydan Fulbert is a sweet, somewhat naive girl who’s been raised by a not-so-nice family. Her world is turned upside down when she comes to the understanding that (a) her adoptive father would like to see her dead, and (b) she’s not human. My readers thought Emma Roberts would be a perfect Aydan.

Aydan’s adoptive father, Lenox Fulbert, and her adoptive sister, Calista, are Really Truly Wretched People. I had a reader the other day mention that she was kind-of half-hoping we’d see Calista have a change of heart in the third book. I sputtered on my coffee, laughing. Calista Fulbert is evil to the core. That doesn’t mean you won’t feel pity for her by the end, but…no. She’s one bad, bad girl. As far as Lenox goes, well…95% mean and 76% crazy. Yeah, those numbers don’t add up, but come on…crazy never does. My readers thought Jenna Malone would make a fabulous Calista, and Dylan Walsh would shine as Lenox.

Jenna Malone as Calisa Fulbert Dylan Walsh as Lenox Fulbert


Emily Fulbert is Aydan’s adoptive mother, who died when she was little. She was such a force of love in Aydan’s life, that Aydan has found the strength and courage to carry on in her abusive household. My readers liked Sonya Walger as Emily.


WalkerBrig Cooper is the Boy-Next-Door-Everybody’s-Friend-Kind-of-Guy that girls just love…and Aydan does. Brig has been Aydan’s only constant throughout her tumultuous childhood, and he’s fiercely protective of her – to the death, if need be. My readers thought Paul Walker would do Brig justice…and I think they’re right!


SmithGrandma Opal is Brig’s grandmother. She is a wise, kindly old woman who’s never lost her spark for life. She’s convinced she has an impeccable judge of character…and most of the time she does. My readers like Lois Smith for the part of Grandma Opal.



mitchellConnie Cooper is Brig’s mom. She’s a flighty, somewhat self-centered woman, who has a tendency to ‘love’ according to whatever suits her in a particular moment. She left Brig’s dad when Brig was only seven, leaving Shannon to raise the boy on his own. She was Aydan’s adoptive mother’s best friend. My readers thought Elizabeth Mitchell would make a good Connie.

Shannon Cooper is Brig’s dad. He’s a good guy (the best of guys, actually) – a rock for Brig, a father-figure for Aydan. He’s as steady as they come. My personal choice for this one would be Nathan Fillion (left), but my readers have pegged Viggo Mortensen (right) for the roll What do you think?

Fillion Mortensen






Isaac Bary is Grandma Opal’s handyman. He’s soft-spoken and serious…and full of deep, dark secrets. My readers left me torn on this one. They liked Karl Urban (in the middle) and Jason Isaac (on the left) and Henry Ian Cuski (on the right) to play his role…and I just couldn’t choose. Each actor is so totally different…but each could pull it off.  Ack! Okay, I have to stop looking at them…it’s making my stomach tie up in knots!

Issacs Urban Cuski






And just when I thought I couldn’t take any more pressure, here comes another dilemma. Rein Torvald is a smolderingly hot tortured soul from the other world, sent to collect Aydan. Little did he know that the task he’d been sent on was part of a much, much bigger picture. One that his mother knew an awful lot about – including the fact that he’d fall in love with the girl he’d been sent to fetch. Rein’s character makes me weak in the knees, and I have to be honest, so do these two reader’s picks for his character: Matt Barr (on the left) and Alex Pettyfer (on the right). I mean, come on! How on earth could a girl be expected to choose between these two??

Barr Pettyfer






Dominic Bertram, aka The Sovereign is an other-worldly bad guy who thinks he just might be Aydan’s bio-dad. His chilling evil-ness is bad in the first book; in the second he has me running for the hills. He. Is. Bad. I love my reader’s choice of Michael C. Hall for the Sovereign (middle). They’ve also tapped Viggo Mortensen – again (left) and Kevan Just-Oozes-Jerky-Evilness Durand (on right). Well, crap. This is exactly why Hollywood won’t be begging me to cast movies. I can’t effing decide.

Mortensen02 Hall Durand






MooreGemma Csitrali/Bertram/Vidar is Aydan’s biological mother, who hid her daughter in another world just prior to being caught by the Sovereign. Who happens to be her husband. Which is why he thought Aydan could be his daughter. But, since Gemma had left him for another man around the time Aydan was conceived, it was always in question. Anyway…my readers like Julianne Moore as Gemma, and frankly, I love it.

RennerHamilton Felin
is Rein Torvald’s best friend; they served in the Sovereign’s Guard together. Ham is one of my Very Favorite Characters in this series. He’s a family man, a loyal friend, and though his exterior is soft and charming, he’s made up of strong stuff on the inside. I love him. And I love, love, love my readers pick of Jeremy Renner for Hamilton. It’s freaking perfect.



And there you have it. A Not-So-Fast run-down of the major players in Shrilugh and The Darkening. Have you read Shrilugh? Do you agree with these picks? If you do (or don’t) and would enjoy pinning to the As You See It Pinterest boards, feel free to drop me an email at myndishafer [at] rocketmail [dot] com, and I’ll send you an invite!


Thanks so much for stopping by, Myndi! And mmm, that Rein Torvald. I don’t think I can choose between Alex Pettyfer or Matt Barr either — maybe we can just keep ’em both?

You can find Myndi Shafer on Facebook and Twitter. And don’t forget to follow her blog! She’s got some of the funniest (and tastiest!) blogs around.

THE DARKENING (Book Two of the Shrilugh Saga)
As Aydan Fulbert settles into her new life in a new world, she realizes a few things. She’s healing from losing Brig. She’s coming to terms with her new home. And she’s lonely.

Rein Torvald’s return from his long absence helps alleviate her loneliness, but a darkness comes with him. Unsettling news about her father and the Sovereign has the potential to make her a fugitive all over again – from his world and hers.

Will Aydan allow her heart to be taken places she’s never been brave enough to go? Or will the threat of danger – of the Sovereign’s rage, and her father’s vengeful grudge, send her running?

Myndi Shafer is author of the best-selling book, Shrilugh. Currently she makes her home in Kansas with her husband and four children. Her second book, The Darkening, is available at Amazon and Smashwords. Look for it soon on iTunes, Barnes & Noble, and more!