A Heart Attack of Cute: Bath Time with Baby Sloths

Last week, I think we more or less came to the agreement that baby sloths are among the most adorable creatures in the animal kingdom. However, my sleepy sloth-in-a-box is nothing compared to this clip from Animal Planet, showing the orphaned of baby sloths of Costa Rica’s Sloth Sanctuary having a bath.

Yes, that’s right: teeny, tiny, squeaky little sloths in the midst of bath time, and curling up to nom on a few hibiscus flowers afterwards (did you know that hibiscus flowers are “like sloth chocolate”? No? Now you do).

The only question that remains is whether or not I can find a way to jet off to Costa Rica to volunteer at the Sloth Sanctuary. I somehow feel like my life won’t be complete till I can cradle a baby sloth in my hands. *melts a little inside*

As always, I am deeply indebted to Jezebel for rounding up some of the best animal videos that can be found on youtube. If you’re ever in need of a dose of cute, be sure to visit their #squee stream.

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  1. Marcy Kennedy says:

    I watched this whole episode on Animal Planet, and told my husband I wanted one as a pet. I’m not sure they’re legal in North America, but that doesn’t keep me from wanting one. They’re so adorable. If nothing else, someday I want to get to the sanctuary as well to experience their cuteness firsthand.
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  2. Nadja Notariani says:

    Ha! Just this morning of GMA, they featured a video of a woman who absolutely loves sloths! Sloths twice in a single day? First time for me!

    How’s’ Path To The Peacock Throne’ coming along? Or your steampunk story? I’ve been scant around the blogs the last few weeks…missed all the updates!
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