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Flash Fiction: Tuesday Tales, Round 4

I finally got the chance to participate in Glitterlady’s awesome Tuesday Tales.  The prompt included one word, “dissemble,” as well as a photograph that can be seen here.  This 100 word drabble was a lot of fun to throw together, especially since it features the first vampires that I’ve written about in roughly 10 years.  There were some phenomenal entries, as usual, so be sure to scroll down and read through them.


Balloons bobbled in the sea breeze, garish against the sunset’s beauty.  Maggie scanned the half-empty patio, eyes alighting on the couple seated by the shore.  A celebration, she decided, lips twisting cynically. How precious.

A low growl caught her attention, and she turned to see Philip eyeing the couple, fangs flashing in his bloodlust.  She tugged on his hand in warning.

“Behave yourself.”

Philip licked his lips, unrepentant.  “I thought you wanted dinner.”

“Remember the Master’s instructions? ‘Fit in, dissemble.’” When he scoffed, she squeezed his hand harder, sharp nails digging into flesh. “Wait, brother. Our time will come.”


  1. Oooooh, LOVE it! Not gonna lie – I am a vampire fan, and it’s fun to see people getting back to the old-school, bad-guy vampires, even though I like them as good guys, too.

    • Thanks, Crystal! It’s been absolutely AGES since I’ve written anything vampire-related (I totally had a YA vampire-goes-to-high-school novel in the works years before Stephanie Meyer ever came along), so it was fun to play with them a bit.

  2. Now, this is what a vampire should be 🙂

    • Thanks! I have to admit, I grew up reading about vampires who were evil and violent and such, and I totally fell in love with that portrayal. Yeah, it’s nice to see vampires who would rather love humans than kill them, but goodness — I draw the line at sparkles, lol.

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