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Seven Virtues Flash Fiction: Humility

The Seven Virtues flash fiction challenge is coming to an end.  I’m posting the last two out of order, as the fill for “Humility” and “Kindness” go together.

Like my fill for “Patience,” these two come from the world of Strange Bedfellows.  Enjoy!


Pierce bowed his head and rolled his shoulders, aching from the heavy chains hanging from his wrists.  It was almost laughable to think of the depths to which he had fallen: the powerful prince who had commanded legions reduced to a supplicant without a name, awaiting judgment from the emperor he had once challenged.  But the rebellion had failed, his father was dead, his men imprisoned. He was alone to face the consequences of his actions.

The doors to the throne room swung open and a soldier pushed him forward with his spear. The time for begging forgiveness had come.


  1. I think you wanted the doors to swing “open”, but overall an excellent scene. I’m really excited to be getting more from the world of Strange Bedfellows… Probably my favorite thing in this scene though is the weight of the chains carrying all the way through the piece illustrating the weight pulling the prince down from pride to humility. Not likely an easy transition to make.

  2. Whoops, you’re right! Thanks for catching the misspelling; just fixed it.

    I have SUCH a soft spot in my heart for this character, because of the reversal in fortune that he has to endure. He’s a noble character, one who fought for what he believed in and lost.

  3. Very strong writing, Jamila. You’ve definitely portrayed your theme and there is a graciousness in your illustration of it.

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