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Seven Virtues Flash Fiction: Patience

It’s time for another round of flash fiction!  This time, the inspiration comes from the fifth of the Seven Virtues, Patience.

Today’s offering is a sliver taken from one of my WIPs, Strange Bedfellows.  Check it out, leave feedback if you’re so inclined, and don’t forget to visit the other participants in the Seven Virtues challenge, #7Virtues on Twitter.


“Worth Waiting For”

Dinner was an interminable affair.  Alaia was lingering deliberately, Lucius knew, an attempt to tease and taunt him.  She had played such games before, but this time he endured with quiet equanimity.  Instead, he listened to their guest’s stories with feigned sincerity, supped quietly and sipped his wine. It was sweet torture every time he met Alaia’s eye, delicious agony whenever she favored him with a smile, secret and teasing.  Promises lurked in the depths of her eyes, but he forced himself to turn away.  He would have his revenge later, and it would be worth waiting for.


  1. The Princess doesn’t seem to know or care that he’s angry at her for something. Or the revenge is meant to strike someone other than her.
    Love the description; sweet torture and delicious agony. It makes me hunger for the food stuffs on the table and the fridge.

  2. This is beautifully written. It has me wondering what his revenge will be.

  3. I like this a lot. I’m aching to find out whether his revenge will be sweet or sour.

    • Thanks for swinging by, Lissa. The revenge, I imagine, will be a bit of both, though as it will involve sexytimes, I doubt that Alaia will be complaining too much by the end. :p

  4. I love your writing and you’ve got a passion for details (and apparently sexytimes?) that makes me think I would greatly enjoy reading your longer works. I love developed characters and getting to spend time with them over a good long plot or sequence of plots, and I’ve read more than enough to believe you could deliver that well.
    I’m very curious about the larger context for this scene.

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