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Seven Virtues Flash Fiction: Diligence

The fourth of the seven virtues is diligence: “A zealous and careful nature in one’s actions and work,” according to Wikipedia.  This entry was actually a blast to write, as it involves Tempest, the hard-drinking, rabble-rousing saloon singer of my WIP, tell me no lies, and Adam Davenport, the honorable, fastidious, and meticulous detective that falls for her.

My fill is a wee bit NSFW, so I’m placing it under the jump just in case.  Oh, and don’t forget to check out the other participants, listed on the challenge page and also at #7Virtues.



The first thing she noticed about him were the buttons lining his coat.  They dazzled, reflecting sunlight like tiny stars. Despite the muck of the streets, he was immaculate: trousers pressed, black boots gleaming.

Their affair shouldn’t have lasted. She thrived on chaos; he was infuriatingly meticulous.  They screamed and fought, but right now, as pleasure racked her body, she thanked God for his perseverance.

“Good?” His face gleamed with her juices, his grin unrepentant.

She sagged against the bed, boneless, but the bastard only laughed, lowered his head, and returned to work.

Oh, yes. His diligence was worth enduring.


  1. Am laughing at his application of diligence – no wonder their relationship lasted!! This is great, you’ve managed to pack in atmosphere, characterisation, action and a story into 100 words. Great!

  2. Well I’m red as a beetroot now and laughing my head off. I couldn’t have written anything like this I’m way too squeamish, but I enjoyed reading this.

  3. You naughty girl! That was a good one.
    I gotta tweet this one!

  4. LOL that’s so naughty. I love it!

  5. Love this! Got to love a diligent man.

  6. “She sagged against the bed, boneless, but the bastard only laughed…” Awesome way to describe the level of pleasure! I really loved this one for a variety of reasons including; 1) Getting to actually read something connected to your WIP which sounds AWESOME, 2) The development and relationship of two very distinct characters in a beautiful harmony, 3) Hot sex.

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