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ROW80 Check-in, and Thinky Thoughts about POV

Time for my mid-week ROW80 check-in!  Surprisingly, I managed to exceed my expectations over the past few days in terms of word count.  To review:

  • Sunday, 300 words in the form of an old legend, to be told at the funeral rites in Scene 2.
  • Monday, another 300 words, this time wrapping up the funeral, which had been hanging for a few days.
  • Tuesday, roughly 1000 words, trying to forge my way through a coronation scene that is proving to be a bit difficult (possibly because I have a very, very vague idea of what should happen.  Once I refine my expectations, the writing should flow a bit more easily).

Not sure how much time I’ll have to write today, as I need to double-down on my grading and prepare for a meeting with my thesis advisor.  I’m also giving a guest lecture in the undergraduate course that I’m TA’ing tomorrow… and that has been giving me nightmares for the past few days.  :/  At any rate, I seem to be on track to meet my goal of 2100 words by Sunday, so I can feel proud about that.

I’ve been giving some thought over the past couple of days to the pros and cons of including multiple perspectives in my story.  At the moment, Path to the Peacock Throne is told in 3rd-person Limited POV.  We see the world and learn everything from Liandre’s point of view, which means that, as readers, we have the same blinders that she does.  Lately, though, I’ve been wondering what it would be like if I switched perspectives in different scenes, or different chapters, rather similar to the way that George R.R. Martin or Joe Abercrombie do in many of their books.  Part of me imagines that seeing the world out of her brother’s eyes, or even from the perspective of the story’s villain, would give me a different “slant” on what has happened… but I’m not sure if that slant would be a good one.

Have any of you dealt with the debate over multiple perspectives?  What were the criteria that made you choose one way or the other?

Thanks, all, and have a lovely rest of the week.  Hump-day is here, and the weekend is beckoning!


  1. It’s great to hear that you’re on track to achieving your goals for this week, and thank you so much for your great advice! I will definitely be following it!

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