On the Loss of Magic in the Kingdom of Peridion
From Peridion: The Dark Ages

By 1015, the last traces of magic faded from Peridion. Gone were the days of the old sorcerer-kings, the armies of mage-warriors, and the research of the wizened technomancers; the old ways had disappeared never to return.

There are few explanations for the disappearance of magic from the realm. Some say that a great sin was committed by the sons and daughters of the magic-wielders — strange research into dark and forbidden territory, brought on by hubris and a lust for power — and in punishment, the gods themselves revoked their blessing. Others claim that the gods were jealous of the heights to which men vaulted themselves, and so sought to end their dominion out of jealousy and envy. And there are still those who believe that it was the indiscretion of women in the Old Age that brought about this calamity, for the records tell us of witches, enchantresses and sorceresses more wicked than the last, wielding their power to ensnare even the most pious of men.

There can be little doubt, however, of the vast repercussions of such a change upon Peridion society. For a kingdom founded on the use of magic, its loss precipitated a period of great instability and internal strife — the Dark Ages. Without magic, its people had to relearn the use of their hands and labor; without magic, its would-be rulers could only depend upon the strength given by steel and blade. The once-mighty Peridion, jewel of the west, was reduced to little more than warring tribes and factions. Brother turned against brother, son against father, and the carnage that was wrought was catastrophic.