Inspiration: The Fashion of Guo Pei

Beyond Victoriana, one of my favorite steampunk blogs, featured an article today about the work of Chinese fashion designer Guo Pei.  Her work is absolutely exquisite – big, voluminous pieces that easily rival, if not exceed, some of the best work from European couture collections.  Her “1002nd Arabian Nights” collection is the one featured on Beyond Victoriana; I reproduce some of the images (borrowed via Tom and Lorenzo Blog) here:

This one, though, from her latest collection, totally reminds me of what I was trying to achieve here, when I was brainstorming Princess Liandre’s look for the fantasy/Beauty and the Beast tale that I have been nursing.

(Image courtesy of Rose Studio website)

It’s, like, exactly what I pictured for her (minus the cool short bustle, but I think I like this better).  So. Awesome.

Now I am off to flail and squeal over how pretty all this is.

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